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In a world where so much of the home buying and selling process is now done online, it can be easy to think that real estate agents no longer serve a purpose. In truth, however, you may end up spending far more money to go it alone than to just hire an agent. While these days it is certainly possible to buy your own home without an agent, it is not always wise. Here are three things to think about when deciding whether to use a real estate agent to buy your next home.

  1. Using an agent can help keep you from making emotional mistakes

A home is one of the largest purchases many people will ever make. Emotions can run high when there is that much money on the line, particularly in a tough market when homes are going fast. Some home buyers can run the risk of getting overly competitive and spending too much on a home, while others may lose out on a prime piece of real estate by being too timid. A good real estate agent can help you know when to go all in and when to walk away while keeping emotions from running high in the process.

  1. They know the market

Experienced real estate agents bring a wealth of invaluable information to the table with them. If they have been in real estate for long enough they not only understand the current market but all of the historical fluctuations unique to that area. They can not only help you find the right property but also help you know when is the best time to buy. In addition, long before you start paying for inspections or appraisals, seasoned agents can tell you right up front whether an asking price is reasonable for a given property.

  1. It can help to have a middle man

A home purchase generally involves a great deal of negotiation between buyer and seller. Just as it is often wise to trust attorneys to negotiate a divorce, it can be just as wise to let agents negotiate real estate purchases. In many cases, agents can also help save you a great deal of money by negotiating certain concessions up front that can save you thousands down the road.